RookNTidas The adventures begin


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Who are Rook and Tidas?


     Rook and Tidas are two lifelong friends who met ten years ago. How can they be lifelong friends that so recently met? The answer is simple.

                   The universe likes them.

     The universe is an idyllic cosmic karma factory. The universe in it's infinate wisdom realized that had it let these two beings; both of whom are geniuses in their own special way, meet. They would more than likely be in prison for some foolhardy shenanigans. So, the universe let them each settle into a state of aged calmness and refinement. (Much like the best cheeses stink when aged properly)

     Then ten years or so ago the other side of the lifecycle that is ying and yang reared her ugly head and they met.

    Here is where it gets good...



Rook is a fool, a mendicant, and an all around miscreant.

He is the father of seven children, all of whom despise him for being the kind of person who spends most of his time reading the back of cereal boxes; and deciphering code which may, or may not be there. Rook collects comics, toys as well as any book he can find on the game of chess. He divides his time between work family and reading. Years ago when but a child he took it upon himself to read every classic of literature he could get his grubby little hands on. 

Who is Tidas?

Tidas is a wiseman, a philanthropist, and all around heroic human.

He is a father of three wonderful children, except that one kid. We will just leave it at that.(They know which one). Tidas spent most of his life working in sawmills and is a master welder. He is a published author of childrens books which is really appropriate since, that is as hard a book as he can read. No one that ever met Tidas walked away because of the overwhelming silence. 




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