Brother Sam

Life of a Boy Dad...

     So my wife and mine's bed is raised up off the floor leaving a pretty large space underneath. Which makes for a pretty sweet fort if you are a kid or small adult.              One day, while I was laying on the bed, my youngest was playing underneath the bed. I would reach down and try and grab him and he would laugh. After a while he became very quiet...Silence from a toddler is a telltale sign that something bad is about to happen. The silence was broken by a horrific fart/gurgling noise. I quickly moved off the bed and on to the floor to find that my toddler had removed his diaper, sat upright with his bare ass on the floor, and shit on the carpet. I grabbed him, wiped him off and placed him in the tub. I grabbed a scrub brush and crawled under the bed to scrub the carpet. From the bathroom I hear "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" I entered the bathroom to find that he had unrolled the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in to the bath tub...                      It should be noted that I could not stop laughing through this experience.

                                                          THE END